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Monday, November 9, 2009

am i in dream or im dream too much...

since i write here.. already finished for highway engineering final paper... one of da question was..

state the differences between dowel bars and tie bars in rigid pavemet?
 emm... really simple.. but i dont really know the answer just because i just read da chapter just for a while.. huhuhu.. this is my foult so i blame my self just because i dont know hoe to answer this simple question.. because im in dream during study da theory concept in da sylibuss..

emm.. i felt like in dream now since 3 paper left befoe i'm really in hooory mood.. but i still can enjoy my life since other people are realy busy to study.. hahaha.. i cant be so serius couse it will make me sick for a week!! and im in dream again...

this friday i will take the enviromental emgineering.. my dear friends... any hint??